About Me.

My name’s Mark. I’m a 20-something year old living in Chicago. I’m not really sure who I am, and if you asked other people, their opinions would vary wildly. To some people I’m an intelligent and witty person who can be “too nice” at times. To others, I’m an incredibly unlikable bitchy gay man who delights in putting others down and starting arguments for no reason. If you ask me, depending on the day I’m either a decently attractive if somewhat nerdy man with introverted tendencies who nevertheless enjoys the company of others, or an overweight homely jackass with few redeeming qualities who’ll die alone, undiscovered for weeks. My therapist says it’s only natural to act as I do, given my background, intelligence and initial choice of career. Everyone else disagrees.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, spending more time searching for something to watch on Netflix than actually watching anything, avoiding the sun as much as possible and being mistaken for someone several years younger than I am.

Welcome to my life.

For the moment, there are two types of posts. Entries (which are my normal blog posts) and Reviews. You can reach them through the links in the previous sentence, or through the links at the top of the site.


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